Welcome to Courtesy Nissan of Mesa


In the rich tapestry of the Courtesy Auto Group's history, we are exuberantly delighted to introduce our most recent gem, Courtesy Nissan of Mesa, to the dynamic and diverse community of Mesa, alongside our friends in Scottsdale, Avondale, Chandler, and the entire neighboring region.

Our story unfolds with a captivating beginning. It all commenced when San Francisco's own Edward J. Fitzgerald, in August 1955, journeyed to Phoenix, carrying with him the very seeds of an automotive legacy that would eventually lead to the inception of Courtesy Nissan of Mesa. Teaming up with the skilled R. Mitchel McClure, they sowed the foundation of what would become an illustrious automotive heritage, initially under the banner of Courtesy Chevrolet, an Arizona corporation.

In those nascent days, the journey of Courtesy Chevrolet began in a humble old farmhouse, a place that would ultimately play a pivotal role in shaping our future. It was from this unassuming setting that our dealership embarked on a remarkable odyssey, evolving, expanding, and maturing with each passing year. This marked the inception of a legacy that has thrived and grown, culminating in the establishment of Courtesy Nissan of Mesa located at 6354 E. Test Drive, Mesa, AZ. 

Courtesy Nissan of Mesa Mesa AZ


Now, in the present day, our narrative unfolds with a new chapter as we proudly welcome you to Courtesy Nissan of Mesa, our latest venture, standing tall at 6354 E. Test Drive, Mesa, AZ. This vibrant and state-of-the-art dealership represents a testament to our commitment to delivering the very best in automotive excellence to the Mesa community and the surrounding areas.

Today, our legacy extends a warm and enthusiastic welcome to all drivers, enthusiasts, and families in Mesa and the surrounding regions. At Courtesy Nissan of Mesa, we've created a destination that promises a vibrant and engaging experience with the latest Nissan lineup and a superb selection of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Our commitment to excellence, backed by decades of experience, ensures that you'll have access to the finest Nissan has to offer.

Embracing the technology-driven world of the 21st Century, we've ventured into the digital realm, reaching out to you through our world-class Facebook page, a dynamic YouTube channel, and outstanding reviews on platforms like Dealerrater, Google, Yelp, and more. We are excited to connect with you, share our passion for Nissan, and provide you with innovative ways to explore and interact with our offerings.


We remain dedicated to serving the community, strengthening the bonds we've built over the years, and forging new relationships. With Courtesy Nissan of Mesa, we invite you to visit our dealership, conveniently located at 6354 E. Test Drive, Mesa, AZ. It's here that the world of Nissan awaits you, offering exhilarating possibilities in the form of remarkable vehicles and exceptional service.

As we journey onward into the future, we maintain our steadfast commitment to our community, both established and new. With Courtesy Nissan of Mesa, we invite you to step into our showroom, located at 6354 E. Test Drive, Mesa, AZ, where the world of Nissan eagerly awaits your exploration. Mesa, Scottsdale, Avondale, Chandler, and all the neighboring regions, we extend our warmest invitation to join us on this thrilling new leg of the Courtesy Auto Group's journey, with Courtesy Nissan of Mesa at its heart.

Mesa, Scottsdale, Avondale, Chandler, and all our neighboring friends, we wholeheartedly invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us, as we proudly welcome you to the Courtesy Auto Group's family of dealerships, with Courtesy Nissan of Mesa standing tall as the latest gem in our crown. Your road to a thrilling Nissan experience begins here.

Courtesy Nissan of Mesa Mesa AZ