Courtesy Nissan of Mesa Mesa AZ


East Valley Nissan has a specialized team of professionals that can offer a variety of leasing plans for Phoenix area Nissan customers. Leasing is a very popular choice when it comes to getting a new Nissan. There are a number of benefits to leasing a Nissan and our staff would be happy to go over all the advantages with you. We offer leasing plans on all our new Nissan vehicles at East Valley Nissan and have lease specials that are updated frequently on our website. You can take advantage of lease specials on new Altimas, Sentras, Rogues and Pathfinders that are highly flexible and provide a lower monthly payment. If you think leasing is the right option for you then contact us or visit our dealership located at 6354 E Test Drive, Mesa, AZ 85206. We realize that every customer is an individual with different needs and that’s why we work hard to tailor a specific lease plan that works for you!


Leasing a new Nissan can provide advantages that you don’t get with a traditional purchase of a vehicle. For the most part, monthly lease payments tend to be lower than monthly payments when you buy a car. That means that you can lease a better, higher-grade vehicle for less on a monthly basis. Many customers in the Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale and Chandler areas also choose leasing because of the lack of a permanent arrangement. In many cases, once a lease term is up a customer can simply walk away from the vehicle. Leasing a new Nissan also allows you to upgrade to a newer model year vehicle in a shorter amount of time than with a traditional vehicle purchase. Leasing terms are usually shorter than financing terms, so that means when the newest Nissan model comes out that you want – you don’t have to wait as long to get it! Our leasing agents would be happy to go over all the benefits of leasing a new Nissan and give you valuable information on what kind of leasing specials we offer at East Valley Nissan.

Courtesy Nissan of Mesa Mesa AZ


We invite you to shop our big selection of new Nissans cars, trucks, SUVs and vans and pick out the one that you want. If you think that leasing your new Nissan is the right option for you, then we offer a convenient online lease application to get the process started. You’ll be contacted by one of our courteous, friendly leasing agents who will give you all the information you need on what kind leasing options are available to you. We’re proud to offer low monthly lease specials to Nissan customers in the Phoenix area and are ready to assist you today.